Ms. Ninja Struye De Swielande
Head of Entrepreneur Services & Marketing

Ninja Struye de Swielande joined Pictet in 2008 as Marketing Manager in Wealth Management. She is responsible for branding, advertising and is the editor of the 'Pictet Report', with particular focus on entrepreneurship. She manages the partnerships with Tech Tour, Founders Forum, Monocle, DLD and other entrepreneur platforms. She started her career in 1999 with Nestlé in the international corporate audit team before holding different positions in Communication, Media and operational Marketing. She holds a Master of Business Administration of the University of Augsburg.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Life Sciences / ICT / Cloud & Big data / Financial Tech


  Pictet & Cie
Geneva, Switzerland

Founded in 1805 in Geneva, the Pictet group is today one of Europe’s largest privately held banks and the leading independent asset management specialist in Europe .

Founded in 1805 in Geneva, Pictet & Cie is today one of Switzerland’s largest private banks, and the leading independent asset management specialist in Europe, with CHF 450 billion (EUR 414 billion) in assets under management and custody at September 2016. Pictet & Cie is a partnership owned and managed by six general partners with unlimited liability for the bank’s commitments. The Pictet Group, based in Geneva, employs more than 3,900 staff. The group has offices in the following financial centres: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basel, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Lausanne, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Monreal, Munich, Nassau, Osaka, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Taipei, Tel Aviv, Turin, Verone, Tokyo and Zurich.

Tags:  / independent asset management  / private banking services

 Organisation Activities
Activity: an investor or lender / an investor or lender > bank (loan)
Technology Sectors: ict / semiconductors / life sciences / energy, clean technology, environment / cloud & big data / financial tech
Geographic: europe / switzerland