Mr. Sven Lingjaerde
Managing Partner & Founder of Tech Tour

Sven is Managing Partner of Endeavour Vision. In 1996, he co-founded Vision Capital, a Trans-Atlantic technology venture capital firm with offices in Silicon Valley and Geneva. Before that, he was the Managing Director of Genevest, a Swiss venture capital firm. Through his leadership, Genevest developed an excellent track record of early to late stage investments in high tech and biotech ventures on both sides of the Atlantic. With 20 years of venture capital experience, Sven has developed an extensive network in Europe and Silicon Valley. This network of contacts is consolidated through his work on the European Tech Tour Association. Sven founded The European Tech Tour Association ( in 1998. It is an independent non-profit organisation that identifies and promotes emerging European technology companies and exposes them to a selective group of high-level executives. Sven has been recognised for his contribution in shaping the European technology ecosystem.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Digital Health / Medtech / Internet of Things / Space

venture capital / digital health / medtech / growth capital / europe & usa

  Endeavour Vision S.A.
Geneva, Switzerland

Endeavour Vision is a venture and growth capital firm providing expertise and funding to entrepreneurs and companies with global ambitions in Medtech and Digital Health

Endeavour Vision invests in exceptional medtech companies – those with big ideas that’ll disrupt the status quo to deliver big outcomes. Although we started building our medtech team in 2008, we decided to focus exclusively on medtech in 2013. We knew its long-term potential and the lack of existing funds dedicated to medtech entrepreneurs meant the sector was full of bright prospects. Our team is now made up of over 100 years of investment experience with a deep understanding of the medtech sector. Investment isn’t just about capital. It needs to create trust and add value. That’s why our success relies on teamwork and our hands-on approach. Our team is the perfect mix of investor expertise, entrepreneurial experience, and specialists in technology and life sciences. We help the innovators and entrepreneurs grow and develop into thriving businesses. The combination of these factors means Endeavour Vision is the best option for medtech companies looking for growth, and investors.


 Organisation Activities
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Technology Sectors: medtech / digital health
Geographic: america / europe / switzerland