Mr. Sven Lingjaerde
Managing Partner & Founder Tech Tour

Sven is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Endeavour Vision, a leading cross-border venture capital group investing in Europe and in the US with focus on Medtech and Digital Health. In 1996, he co-founded Vision Capital, a Trans-Atlantic technology venture capital firm. Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of Genevest, a Swiss venture capital firm that he joined in 1987. Through his leadership, Genevest developed an excellent track record of early to late stage investments in High Tech and Life Sciences ventures on both sides of the Atlantic. With over 27 years of Venture and Growth Capital experience, Sven has developed an extensive network in Europe, US, Middle East, Russia and Asia. This network of contacts was leveraged through the European Tech Tour Association that he founded in 1998. The Tech Tour joined forces with Europe Unlimited in 2013 to become one of the leading organisation to promote European Entrepreneurship.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Life Sciences / Digital Health / ICT / Software & IT Services / Communications / Electronics, Hardware & Peripherals / Other ICT / Medtech / Nanotechnology / Other Life Sciences / Energy, Clean Technology, Environment / Semiconductors / Cloud & Big data

venture capital / medtech / ict / growth capital / europe & usa

  Endeavour Vision S.A.
Geneva, Switzerland

we are a venture and growth capital firm providing expertise and funding to entrepreneurs and companies with global ambitions in life sciences and information technologies

Endeavour Vision combines a team of experienced venture capital professionals responsible for investments in over 75 companies in 12 countries in Technology and Life Sciences since 1989. Our firm targets companies that have the potential to become global leaders. Beyond access to capital, Endeavour Vision brings years of experience, expertise and network to its entrepreneurs, plus a passion for success. Endeavour Vision’s DNA comes from three established firms: Genevest, an early European VC started in 1983, Vision Capital Europe, established in 1997 as a pioneer in Trans-Atlantic venture capital, and Endeavour, a VC formed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Market cycles are par for the course. To achieve long term success requires the ability to perform through any economic trend and to constantly adapt to new situations. Anticipation and resilience are key to ensuring long term success.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: an investor or lender / an investor or lender > venture capital / private equity fund manager / an investor or lender > venture capital / private equity fund manager > early stage (seed / start-up) / an investor or lender > venture capital / private equity fund manager > development (2nd or 3rd rounds) / an investor or lender > venture capital / private equity fund manager > private equity / later-stage
Technology Sectors: ict / semiconductors / life sciences / white biotechnology / medtech / energy, clean technology, environment / cloud & big data / digital health
Geographic: america / europe / switzerland