2019 Tech Tour Growth 50

Tech Tour Growth 50: Redefining Ambition

Tech Tour Growth 50

Redefining Ambition

For the fifth year in a row Tech Tour, together with a Selection Committee of Selection Committee of international investors, have researched and evaluated over 300 European “super-scale ups”—private tech companies at a sub-one billion US dollar valuation growing revenues at greater than 50% per year—to choose 50 with the most promise to make a massive international impact.


The purpose of the Tech Tour Growth 50 is not to give a ranking, or construct an index, but to shine the brightest of lights on the European tech companies yet to achieve unicorn status as a demonstration of the strength and depth in technology companies in Europe.


With past TTG50 companies including what are now well known names such as Adyen, Improbable, iZettle, Klarna, Mimecast, Shazam, Spotify, Skyscanner and Transferwise, we think it’s a strong indicator of those companies poised to go on to super-stardom 


To read our full analysis please click here to download: Tech Tour Growth 50: Redefining Ambition 

Company Overviews

Company Logo Name  ▾ Sectors Year of Foundation CEO Country First Year in List Website
Acronis SaaS 2001 Serguei Beloussov Switzerland No www.acronis.com
AImotive AI & Big Data 2015 Laszlo Kishonti Hungary No www.aimotive.com
Alan Fintech 2016 Jean-Charles Samuelian France No www.alan.eu
Algolia SaaS 2012 Nicolas Dessaigne United States No www.algolia.com
Ava Health & Biotech 2014 Pascal Koenig Switzerland No www.avawomen.com
Babylon Health Health & Biotech 2013 Ali Parsa United Kingdom No www.babylonhealth.com
Bankable SaaS 2010 Eric Mouilleron United Kingdom No www.bnkbl.com
Beqom SaaS 2009 Fabio Ronga Switzerland No www.beqom.com
BitFury Fintech 2011 Valery Vavilov Netherlands No www.bitfury.com
Blacklane E-commerce 2011 Jens Wohltorf Germany No www.blacklane.com
CarPrice E-commerce 2014 Denis Dolmatov Russia No www.carprice.ru
Chrono24 E-commerce 2003 Holger Felgner Germany No www.chrono24.com
Chrononext E-commerce 2013 Philipp Man Switzerland No www.chronext.com
Cloud&Heat Hardware 2011 Nicolas Roehrs Germany No www.cloudandheat.com
Coople SaaS 2009 Rinaldo Olivari Switzerland No www.coople.com
Doctolib Health & Biotech 2013 Stanislas Niox-Chateau France No www.doctolib.fr
EasyPark Fintech 2001 Johan Birgersson Sweden No www.easyparkgroup.com
eGym Hardware 2010 Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer Germany No www.egym.com
Exasol AI & Big Data 2000 Aaron Auld Germany No www.exasol.com
Flyability Hardware 2014 Patrick Thevoz Switzerland No www.flyability.com
GetYourGuide E-commerce 2008 Johannes Reck Germany No www.getyourguide.com
GoEuro E-commrece 2012 Naren Shaam Germany No www.goeuro.com
Jobandtalent Marketplace 2009 Juan Urdiales United Kingdom No www.jobandtalent.com
KONUX IoT 2014 Andreas Kunze Germany No www.konux.com
KRY Health & Biotech 2014 Johannes Schildt Sweden No www.kry.se
Launchmetrics SaaS 2006 Michael Jais United States No www.launchmetrics.com
Ledger (Bitcoin Security) Fintech 2014 Eric Larchevêque France No www.ledger.com
Meero SaaS 2014 Thomas Rebaud France No www.meero.com
MessageBird Other Software 2011 Robert Vis the Netherlands No www.messagebird.com
MotorK SaaS 2010 Marco Marlia Italy No www.motork.io
Movinga Other Software 2015 Finn Hänsel Germany No www.movinga.de
N26 Fintech 2013 Valentin Stalf Germany No www.n26.com
Nexthink SaaS 2004 Pedro Bados Switzerland No www.nexthink.com
Outfittery E-commerce 2012 Julia Bosch Germany No www.outfittery.de
Phenix E-commerce 2014 Jean Moreau France No www.wearephenix.com
Quinyx SaaS 2015 Erik Fjellborg Sweden No www.quinyx.com
Scandit IoT 2009 Samuel Mueller Switzerland No www.scandit.com
Shift Technology SaaS 2014 Jeremy Jawish France No www.shift-technology.com
Signavio SaaS 2009 Gero Decker Germany No www.signavio.com
Small Giant Other Software 2013 Timo Soininen Finland No www.smallgiantgames.com
Smartly.io SaaS 2013 Kristo Ovaska Finland No www.smartly.io
Socialbakers SaaS 2008 Yuval Ben-Itzhak Czech Republic No www.socialbakers.com
Sonnen Hardware 2010 Christoph Ostermann Germany No www.sonnenusa.com
Sophia Genetics Health & Biotech 2011 Jurgi Camblong Switzerland No www.sophiagenetics.com
Spotahome E-commerce 2014 Alejandro Artacho Spain No www.spotahome.com
Taxify Other Software 2013 Markus Villig Estonia No www.taxify.eu
Trustly Group Fintech 2008 Oscar Berglund Sweden No www.trustly.com
WeTransfer Other Software 2009 Gordon Willoughby the Netherlands No www.wetransfer.com
WorldRemit Fintech 2010 Ismail Ahmed United Kingdom No www.worldremit.com
Worldsensing IoT 2008 Oscar Berglund Spain No www.worldsensing.com