2020 Tech Tour Growth 50

Tech Tour Growth 50: Redefining Ambition

Tech Tour Growth 50

Ambition & purpose

For sixth year in a row Tech Tour, together with a Selection Committee of Selection Committee of international investors, have researched and evaluated over 400 European “super-scale ups”—private tech companies at a sub-one billion US dollar valuation growing revenues at greater than 50% per year—to choose 50 with the most promise to make a massive international impact.


The purpose of the Tech Tour Growth 50 is not to give a ranking, or construct an index, but to shine the brightest of lights on the European tech companies yet to achieve unicorn status as a demonstration of the strength and depth in technology companies in Europe.


With past TTG50 companies including what are now well known names such as Adyen, Improbable, iZettle, Klarna, Mimecast, Shazam, Spotify, Skyscanner and Transferwise, we think it’s a strong indicator of those companies poised to go on to super-stardom 


To read our full analysis please click here to download: Tech Tour Growth 50: Ambition & purpose

Company Overviews

Company Logo Name  ▾ Sectors Year of Foundation CEO Country First Year in List Website
Adjust SaaS 2012 Christian Henschel Germany Yes https://www.adjust.com/
Aircall SaaS 2014 Olivier Pailhes France Yes https://aircall.io/
Alan (Life and Health Insurance) Fintech 2016 Jean-Charles Samuelian France No www.alan.eu
Babbel Other software 2007 Arne Schepker Germany No https://www.babbel.com/
Beekeeper SaaS 2011 Cristian Grossmann Ph.D Switzerland Yes www.beekeeper.io
Blinkist Other software 2012 Holger Seim Germany Yes https://www.blinkist.com/
Blueground Other software 2013 Alexandros Chatzieleftheriou Greece Yes www.theblueground.com
Blue Ocean Robotics Hardware 2013 Claus Risager Ph.D Denmark Yes www.blue-ocean-robotics.com
Cognite AI/Big Data 2014 John Lervik Norway Yes https://www.cognite.com/
CurrencyCloud Fintech 2007 Michael Laven United Kingdom Yes www.currencycloud.com
Curve Fintech 2015 Shachar Bialick United Kingdom Yes www.curve.app
DeepL AI/Big Data 2009 Jaroslaw Kutylowski Ph.D Germany Yes www.deepl.com
Depop E-commerce 2011 Maria Frances United Kingdom Yes www.depop.com
DocPlanner Health/Biotech 2010 Mariusz Gralewski Poland Yes www.znanylekarz.pl
eGym Hardware 2010 Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer Germany No www.egym.com
Eigen Technologies AI/Big Data 2014 Lewis Liu United Kingdom Yes www.eigentech.com
ELeather Hardware 2006 Christopher McBean United Kingdom No www.eleathergroup.com
Elvie Health/Biotech 2013 Tania Boler United Kingdom Yes www.elvie.com
Exoticca Other software 2013 Pere Vallès Spain Yes www.exoticca.com
Featurespace AI/Big Data 2005 Martina King United Kingdom Yes www.featurespace.com
Flyability Hardware 2014 Patrick Thevoz Switzerland No www.flyability.com
Funnel SaaS 2014 Fredrik Skantze Sweden Yes https://funnel.io/
Glovo Other software 2015 Oscar Pierre Spain Yes https://glovoapp.com/en/crv
Gousto Health/Biotech 2011 Timo Boldt United Kingdom Yes https://www.gousto.co.uk/
Iceye Hardware 2012 Rafal Modrzewski Finland Yes www.iceye.com
IDnow Cybersecurity 2014 Andreas Bodczek Germany Yes www.idnow.io
Kandou Hardware 2011 Amin Shokrollahi Switzerland Yes www.kandou.com
Made.com E-Commerce 2010 Philippe Chainieux United Kingdom No www.made.com
Mambu Fintech 2011 Eugene Danilkis Germany Yes www.mambu.com
MariaDB SaaS 2014 Michael Howard Finland Yes www.mariadb.com
M-Files SaaS 2009 Miika Makitalo Finland Yes www.m-files.com
Nexthink SaaS 2004 Pedro Bados Switzerland Yes www.nexthink.com
Nutmeg Fintech 2011 Martin Stead United Kingdom No www.nutmeg.com
Onfido Cybersecurity 2010 Husayn Kassai United Kingdom Yes https://onfido.com/
Peakon SaaS 2015 Phillip Chambers Denmark Yes www.peakon.com
Pipedrive SaaS 2010 Timo Rein Estonia Yes https://www.pipedrive.com/
Pleo Fintech 2015 Jeppe Rindom Denmark Yes www.pleo.io
Quantexa AI/Big Data 2016 Vishal Marria United Kingdom Yes www.quantexa.com
Secret Escapes E-Commerce 2010 Alex Saint United Kingdom No www.secretescapes.com
Signal AI AI/Big Data 2013 David Benigson United Kingdom Yes www.signal-ai.com
Signavio SaaS 2009 Gero Decker Germany No www.signavio.com
Smava Fintech 2007 Sebastian Bielski Germany Yes www.smava.de
Starling Bank Fintech 2014 Anne Boden United Kingdom Yes www.starlingbank.com
SuperAwesome Cybersecurity 2013 Dylan Collins United Kingdom Yes www.superawesome.com
Swappie E-commerce 2015 Sami Marttinen Finland Yes https://swappie.com/
Tessian Cybersecurity 2013 Timothy Sadler United Kingdom Yes www.tessian.com
Wefox Fintech 2014 Julian Teicke Germany Yes https://www.wefoxgroup.com/
WeTransfer Other Software 2009 Gordon Willoughby The Netherlands No www.wetransfer.com
WorldRemit Fintech 2010 Breon Corcoran United Kingdom No www.worldremit.com
Zenjob Other software 2016 Friedrich von Trott Germany Yes www.zenjob.de