Doctolib, Scaling for Success: Healthtech

Stanislas Niox-Chateau - CEO, Doctolib


Healthcare has three main challenges: professionals are overwhelmed, access is complicated, and innovation is limited. That’s why we created Doctolib in 2013. Simply we help solve these challenges by improving medical professionals’ organization, reinforcing communications between patient and practitioner and strengthening communication between practitioners and allowing health management by the patients themselves.


For professionals and healthcare centres, Doctolib offers an appointment management SaaS tool, as well as services to manage consultations, communicate with their patients and work with other healthcare professionals. For patients, Doctolib eases their healthcare experience: the search for information and booking of appointments is freely available online, 24/7, alongside an online consultation booklet.


I’m an HEC Alumni, serial entrepreneur and venture capitaIist. I helped launch Lafourchette (bought by TripAdvisor), Weekendesk and Balinea, through Otium Capital, the venture capital fund I co-founded.


Doctolib is now the European leader in healthcare, it’s used by more than 40,000 practitioners (we got our first doctor onboard in autumn 2013) and 900 healthcare facilities (for example we now work with AP-HP, Europe’s biggest hospital). 12 million people search for an appointment on Doctolib every month.


The most challenging part of our journey has been to build the best team, with the right people, across two different countries. We have recruited 400 people, including 50 in Germany, with various profiles: tech, sales, operations and so on. And we’re planning to recruit another 200 people in 2018.


As far as getting investors on-board you need a solid business model, with proven results, and an ambitious plan. And our plan is ambitious: we want to transform the healthcare sector in Europe, and we have been working on it alongside healthcare professionals for many years.


For me personally the most enjoyable part about running Doctolib is the feedback we get from healthcare professionals, who tell how we made their daily work easier, and from patients telling us how much quicker they now get access to a professional.


In 2018, we will keep improving the service, build new features, and work with even more and more healthcare professionals. We’ll continue to make healthcare access easier than ever in France and Germany.


Image: Doctolib