Growth 50 report 2020


The Tech Tour Growth 50 Companies have raised over $4.3 billion of investment from 507 investors and have an estimated average valuation of $297 million, compared to $114 million for European super scale-ups on average. With 76% of companies having at least one US investor, especially in later stages of development, demonstrates that Europe still has a way to go to reap the benefits of the future exits of its most prospective companies. 

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8 companies achieved unicorn status

Out of last year’s 50 list, a whole 8 companies achieved unicorn status: GetYourGuide, N26 (Germany); Doctolib, Meero (France); Taxify (now Bolt) (Estonia); Acronis (Switzerland); Babylon Health (United Kingdom); BitFury (the Netherlands) and 5 companies were acquired at an average valuation of $ 560 mil.


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Fintech, SaaS and AI & Big Data lead the way

Fintech and AI & Big Data companies are Europe’s big punch on the global markets – making up the top two grossing sectors in Tech Tour Growth 50 2020 list with respectively 10 and 6 entrants in the list. First is Fintech with a total of 11 companies in TTG50 for 2020

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UK is back on track

The UK is back on track - last year it had a record low number of entrants (4) in the context of Brexit skepticism, but now making it with a total of 18 companies. Germany continues to grow and solidify as the UK’s top contender. 

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2 new emerging geographies in the list

Poland contested with 4 entrants and succeeded to make the list with the first-ever Polish company– the online doctor appointment booking DocPlanner. Greece’s only company in the Universe made it also to the list – the fast-growing platform for long-term flat rental Blueground, founded in 2015 and quickly scaled to the US.

You can download the report from here.


Meet the winners

What winners? Only 2 of the super scale-ups will receive the Main or Innovation Awards. 

The Selection Committee is chaired by Falk Müller-Veerse, Partner, Bryan, Garnier & Co, and made up of 25 international venture capital and growth equity fund managers.  They made the selection of the 50 and of the 2 winnersThe companies were judged based on achievement, impact, and momentum. Only 2 of the super scale-ups will receive the Innovation or the Special Jury Awards. 

Attend the award ceremony on 26 - 27 March at the Tech Tour Growth event in Geneva & Lausanne. Register here.