Meet Europe's Super-Scale Ups

William Stevens - CEO, Tech Tour


For the fourth year in succession, Tech Tour, together with a selection committee of international investors, have researched and evaluated over 280 European private tech companies at a sub-one billion US dollar valuation. The purpose of the Tech Tour Growth 50 is not to give a ranking, or construct an index, but to shine the brightest of lights on the companies yet to achieve unicorn status as a demonstration of the strength and depth of technology companies in Europe.


The companies and their investors will all gather at the Tech Tour 2018 Growth Summit taking place in Switzerland on the 22-23 of March.


The composition of the TTG50 has changed significantly from 2015 where almost 50% of the companies were defined as ‘B2C eCommerce’. This year that broad category only applies to just over 14% of the companies. Today we see major success stories emerging in B2B software and services, fintech and cybersecurity.


The investor base in these companies is also increasing and diversifying. In 2015 from 227 investors, 72% were venture capital fund managers, with just 6% coming from private equity/asset management. Today there are 355 investors, with 14% classified as private equity/asset management and just over 50% coming from venture capital funds.


At Tech Tour we have long been convinced of the strength of the European ecosystem for high-tech growth companies. This conviction is born out of the European tech entrepreneur dynasties that are now emerging where the capital and expertise created by unicorn successes such as Skype, has backed companies that have gone on to achieve unicorn status.


In this edition we also give voice to a number of founders and CEOs of the 2018 Tech Tour Growth 50, to give an insight into their personal motivation and understand the challenge (and pleasure) of scaling-up tech companies.


We are proud to play our own part in Europe’s success – with many of Europe’s current unicorns and of course this year’s Growth 50 companies having had their capital raises (27 in total) supported and accelerated by meeting investors via our events and community platform.


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We would like to thank all the members of this year’s selection committee, and our data partner PitchBook, and hope you enjoy reading about this year’s Tech Tour Growth 50.


Image: Tech Tour