VuLog, Scaling for Success: Mobility

Grégory Ducongé - CEO, Vulog


Vulog all started with a simple (but crazy) idea: to drastically reduce the number of cars in cities while making it easier and more affordable for people to move around.


I’d spent 10 years in the automotive industry working in a variety of senior management positions at Valeo, one of the largest and most innovative automotive suppliers. I then went on to run Miyowa, a VC backed start-up, which was sold to a NASDAQ listed company.


Vulog’s technology is a customisable SaaS solution that enables mobility operators — such as car rental companies, car manufacturers or any other corporation, whether a start-up or multinational to launch and operate shared mobility services. These can include free-float car sharing schemes, one-way station-based car-hire, or roundtrip car-sharing. Vulog’s technology currently powers car-sharing services on five different continents accounting currently for over 10 million trips per year.


My biggest challenge is managing growth – we launch a new project every month – so making sure we keep a high level of customer satisfaction is demanding, but undoubtedly the toughest part of this is adding the right people to the company in an increasingly competitive market for talent.


By way of example this January (2018) alone we’ve launched two major projects: a 350 car scheme in Antwerp for Poppy, a subsidiary of D’leteren, one of Europe’s largest automobile distributors and a programme called Mol Limo in Budapest which uses 300 VW e-Ups in what is Hungary’s first free-float car-sharing service. In the coming months we’ll support further roll outs in North America, Asia and Europe.


My advice to other entrepreneurs scaling-up their firms is it’s all about customer satisfaction, and have fun, and if you can have fun while contributing to saving the planet even better.


Image: Vulog