Eric Archambeau


Eric Archambeau is a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist and social impact investor with deep expertize in data mining, machine learning, online market places and social graphs as well as a strong interest in the food tech area Eric has been a partner with Wellington Partners in London since 2006 where he has led a number of investments in companies such as Hailo(MyTaxi), Mapillary Onfido, Import.Io, Nosto, SoundTrackYourBrand, Spotify and Xing. From September 2005 to December 2010, he served as Vice-Chairman of the Board of the professional social network company Xing (listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange, ticker O1BC) where he played a major role from the very early days in helping the company shape up its processes and strengthen its management team in order to successfully complete an IPO in December 2006 Prior to Wellington, Eric had been a private investor, most notably in PriceMinister, a leading French ecommerce company acquired by Rakuten and prior to that a founding general partner of Benchmark Capital in London where he co-led the investment in Betfair (now listed on the London stock exchange , ticket BET ) Before becoming a venture capitalist, Eric was a repeat entrepreneur in Silicon Valley where he spent 20 years and co-founded several successful companies. Eric was the founding CEO of both RightPoint Software, a data mining company acquired by ePiphany and Trading Dynamics an online marketplace engine company acquired by Ariba (now part of SAP). . Eric is also privately active in social investing focusing on the food supply chain and the sustainable agriculture areas. He is one of the founders of Social-Impact International, a social business accelerator in India and Austria, as well as the Chairman of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, a leading global philanthropy focussed on food education for children and research on linking nutrition and health. 


Role: Investor - Venture Capital (VC)


Personal Expertise

Product/Technology: FoodTech

Market: Food & Beverages







Wellington Partners is one of the most successful pan-European venture capital firms. With funds totalling over € 800 million, we have invested throughout Europe in companies that have the potential to become real market leaders for more than 15 years. We are committed to providing outstanding entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to fund their strategies. We typically lead financing rounds ranging from € 0.5 million to € 20 million. Depending on the maturity of the company, our own commitment can go as high as € 15 million. Providing funding is only one part of our business. After funding, the entrepreneurs we back have access to the advice and guidance of our complete team and our entire global network. Our investment professionals operate out of four offices, located in London, Munich, Zurich and Palo Alto. The pan-European and transatlantic makeup of our organisation enables us to support our portfolio in expanding globally.

Organisation Type: Investor - Venture Capital (VC)


Organsiation Activity

Markets: ICT; Life Sciences; Medtech; Energy; Clean Technology; Environment; Semiconductors; Digital health; Software & IT Services; White Biotechnology

Product/Technology: Healthcare; Biotechnology; Healthcare Software


Geography: Europe