Roel de Hoop



Currently partner at Venture Capital Fund Prime Ventures. Previously entrepreneur and angel investor with companies like Prolin, Hot-Orange, Makelaarsland,, Werkspot and others. Has served on the board of companies like Q-Go, Sellaband, Human Inference, Serious Toys, GenKey, Mendix, AppLift and Bright Computing.


Role: Investor - Venture Capital (VC)


Personal Expertise

Product/Technology: ICT, Web & Mobility, Software & IT Services, Webmedia

Market: Internet







Prime Ventures (Prime) is a leading Venture Capital firm founded in 1999 and focusing on investing in European companies in technology and related industries. Prime leverages its capital, experience and network to actively guide the portfolio companies into global category leaders. From its offices in The Netherlands and the UK, the independent partnership manages 500 million euro in committed capital. Typically Prime invests 1 to 15 million euro initially and expects to invest 5 to 25 million euro over all financing rounds, seeking a 10-40% ownership depending on the stage of the investment. Prime usually acts as lead investor. In the Prime portfolio are companies like Greetz, Civolution, and Mendix (Netherlands), IPDiA (France), Eutechnyx (UK), AppLift (Germany) and CINT (Sweden).


Organisation Type: Investor - Venture Capital (VC)


Organsiation Activity

Markets: Internet, Software, Financial Services Software

Product/Technology: ICT, Energy; Clean Technology; Environment, Semiconductors, Web & Mobility, Financial Tech, Software & IT Services, Webmedia


Geography:  Europe