Ross Ahlgren



Ross has built a market leading position for Kreos in Europe and the UK. Ross focuses on identifying, assessing and managing transactions across Europe and the UK as well as participating in the management and execution of Kreos’s overall strategy. Prior to Kreos, Ross spent 10 years in a number of roles within American International Group (AIG) including Vice President of Operations for AIG Europe focusing on developing marketing strategies for 14 countries. He also worked directly with the CEO on several internal projects including: Executive Information Systems, internal consulting roles, management development and the launch and divestment of a software company. Prior to joining AIG, Ross spent two years at American Airlines’ helping to build the industry’s first yield management systems. Ross joined American Airlines from Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned an MBA. Previously, in undergraduate school, he was part of a team at the University of Texas Business School that pioneered research into successful high-growth companies. Ross has a BA in Business from the University of Texas.


Role: Investor - Venture Capital (VC)


Personal Expertise

Product/Technology: Semiconductors









Kreos was founded 20 years ago with the single mission of pioneering unique financing solutions for high-growth companies across Europe and Israel. Since then, Kreos has committed more than €2 billion in over 500 portfolio company transactions, in a variety of industry sectors and located in 14 countries.


Organisation Type: Investor - Venture Capital (VC)


Organsiation Activity

Markets: Internet; Healthcare; Financial; Services; Software

Product/Technology: Life Sciences; Medtech Energy; Clean Technology; Environment; Communications; ICT; hardware; software; Semiconductors; Web & Mobility; Financial Tech; Consumer Electronics; Semiconductor; lean technology; consumer


Geography: United Kingdom; Europe;